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Welcome to align & revive yoga, formerly known as Revival Yoga.  Your sanctuary for yoga at all levels.   At our studio, we're not just a community; we're a family.


Whether you're a beginner taking your first steps on the mat or a seasoned yogi seeking a new challenge, we've got the perfect class for you.


Our experienced instructors are here to guide you, support you, and help you align your body and revive your spirit. Join us on the mat and experience the warmth and inclusivity of our yoga family.


It's time to align, revive, and flourish with us.

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Class Descriptions

Class Descriptions
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Yoga Class

Gentle Yoga

Similar to Hatha yoga, this is a gentle practice focusing on breathing and holding poses for a longer period of time. It is great for beginners and those looking to improve their flexibility and balance.

Vinyasa & Power Vinyasa

Vinyasa yoga is a dynamic flow  that focuses on linking movement with breath. It is great for those looking for a more challenging practice and to increase their stamina, balance, and strength.

It relieves stress and deepens the mind/body connection.

All Levels Welcome!

*Both Formats Available Heated (90) & Non Heated

Vinyasa + Yin

30 Minutes of Each!

Yin yoga is slower paced and focuses on holding poses for a longer period of time. It is great for those looking to improve their flexibility and to relax their mind.

Room is set to a comfortable 80 degrees for vinyasa.  70-75 degrees for yin.

Restorative + CBD Massage + Yoga Nidra

A restful practice that holds yoga poses for a longer duration using props like yoga blocks, blankets, and bolsters.
It is a practice of deep relaxation that emphasizes the meditative aspect of yoga—the union of body and mind.
CBD infused massage assists throughout practice ending with Yoga Nidra during Savasana.

*Also Available in the Silks

Fitness on Yoga Mat
Yoga at Home

Aerial Yoga
& Air Barre

This class is an overall wellness experience and a fun time. This is one of the best ways to learn more about yourself and your body, leaving you feeling more confident, flexible and stronger from when you first arrived.

Air Barre is inspired by Yoga, Ballet, and Pilates - Low impact and high intensity. As you go through the practice, you will feel incredible both physically and mentally and will easily get hooked after your first class! 

All levels welcome! 

Inferno Hot Pilates

Inferno Hot Pilates creates long, lean muscle mass and burns fat  - And the results are super fast! This whole body workout builds a stronger core, improves circulation, and increases flexibility. To avoid the pounding impact of running and jumping, Inferno Hot Pilates is performed on a yoga mat to help protect joints and muscles from injury. You will continue to  burn calories up to two days after practice!

Heated 26 Fusion

The perfect blend of Bikram and Vinyasa. Improves balance, enhances flexibility, and strengthens core muscle groups. Variations that make poses more challenging are offered step-by-step to allow experienced students to advance their practice while newer students learn correct alignment of of postures.

Room is set to 90 Degrees

Sound Bowl Healing

We begin class creating your ultimate relaxation with cozy pillow bolsters and blankets.  Once you have created your cozy space, we will begin your journey with a crystal bowl sound bath. The intention of this class is to allow 60 minutes of complete relaxation of the mind, body and spirit.  Melt away stress by turning off the external world to tap into what is going on within your soul.  It is great for those looking to reduce stress and improve their mental well-being.

Practicing Yoga at Home
Self Defense Class at the Studio
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This class is designed to deliver the best of our 3 most popular formats all wrapped into one! 
The first 20 minutes (Vinyasa) we will create a mind body connection while warming up and practicing Sun Salutations. The middle portion of class is all about strength training and conditioning, by sweating through movement inspired by Pilates & Barre. The final 20 minutes of class (Restorative + Massage Assists) will leave you feeling relaxed and renewed. 

Room is set to a warm 85, and turned down to a comfy 75 halfway through. 

Cardio Kickboxing & Self Defense

This Series is perfect for those interested in becoming stronger while burning away stress and calories!  This class will be led by professional boxer and master trainer, Andrew Reid.  Andrew has intelligently put this series together to introduce the power and beauty of kickboxing while also teaching self defense techniques so you leave class feeling stronger and more confident.  This space is set for all levels!  

*Heated Vinyasa & Kickboxing is another option offered weekly

Kids Aerial +
Kids Yoga Club

We have a few options for kids ages 6-12 to experience the many benefits of Yoga while in their various developmental stages.  You are never too young or too old to Practice! Kids Aerial Yoga is a fun and safe way to grow stronger both physically and mentally. 

Kids Yoga Club is 2-3 hours and typically offered on Friday Evenings for Parents to have a night out. We work on team building, social skills, games & crafts, while incorporating Yoga, mantras, affirmations  and Breath work. 

Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga offers the same benefits of a regular yoga class. In form, it may not look as demanding as the postures done classically, but it accomplishes the same benefit based upon the condition of the person doing the posture. Chair yoga is a gentle, non-traditional practice that reduces strain on limbs and joints. Participants are guided in postures, breath work and meditation. Postures may be done in the chair and/or standing with the support of the chair.


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